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Key Wear Uniform Clothing

The Importance of Dress or Uniform for an organization or institution

Titrator can be for reasons such as the requirements of the law, the distinction of personnel from each other, the observance of health issues, the health of employees and workers with special coverage, discipline, principles of management, control and discipline, recognition of each category personnel, identification of specialty individuals and others He has a few issues.

Apart from these, uniforms for each set or category can be combined with benefits such as advertising and demo use, creating work prestige, raising the credibility of it, and creating a sense of sense of responsibility in people.

What is the cloth and uniform clothing profile?

Each set for staff, staff, or fans, for various reasons, is preparing uniform uniforms, each of which first requires its own fabric. The sewing method, the type of fabric, the weight of the fabric, the color of the fabric, all should all be precisely mastered in principle.

What sets of uniforms are required?

These collections can include the army of a country, administration, institutions, parties, sports clubs, party supporters, or think tanks, factories, firefighters, medical complexes, industrial units, mines, private and public companies, knowledge Students of educational centers and schools, restaurants, small and large stores, and so on.

Specialty in fabric selection and sale:

Draperies and, most importantly, garments and apparel to be successful in the business, are more aware of the choice of fabric for clothing and clothing, and even give advice to customers and institutions of the contracting party. Managers of each collection also need to set aside personal preferences and have adequate control over the selection of fabric, sewing and dress patterns.

The cost of buying a workwear fabric:

It is important for every office, school, organ, or even self-production, to produce fabric for the cost with the lowest budget. Private and public collections for them is very important for them to make the best costumes for their employees and staff at the lowest cost, and this does not matter unless you buy direct sales channels and reputable dealers in addition to buying with a price. The factory will also be responsible for sending posts. Personnel who are recognized as a uniform in the public must be appropriate to the organization’s objectives, environmental climate and climate, the work environment, consideration of security and health issues, potential hazards in the workplace and the maintenance of the personality. Work to be done.

What is a suitable cloth for uniform and uniform?

The ordering of uniforms or uniforms is usually given to apparel and embroidery production. But what color is the most suitable fabric for clothing sewing staff?

It is clear that the clothing fabric of a mine with a clothing cloth in a shop should be different.

The psychology of the color of the fabric of uniform clothing is very important to be chosen according to the above, the color of the logo and the brand, the cold and warm environment, and even the gender and occupations. It’s better to look more closely at any of the uniforms we use.

Simple Tera fabric
A lightweight texture with a weight of approx. 240 g and a width of 150 cm is very convenient and affordable for uniforms for schools and kindergartens, office uniforms, corporate outfits, restaurants, and small stores. The caliity of this fabric, along with its similar specimen, includes more than 100 colors, each of which can choose from the cheap fabric according to the tastes and criteria mentioned above. The pricing of textile fabrics and the color of the fabric due to the rate of dyeing materials is one of the important criteria, with bright and medium-priced colors cheaper than garlic colors.

Workwear fabrics with viscose polyester
The Targal T-shirt fabric is so well-dressed in clothing that it is famous for the dress fabric. The cloth with this heated fiber is 280 grams, and because of its thickness, it has a higher tensile strength than ordinary gravel. It is also very expensive for students in cool-weather schools, job-suit workers who do not have to deal with sparks, workers in hazardous environments, men’s clothing, workers pants, kitchens, shopping malls, and so on. The price of this fabric is slightly higher than the color of the Targal fabric, but it is undoubtedly the most cost-effective in stitching of one-piece and two-piece clothes.

Workwear fabrics and from 30 to 70
The cotton fabric of its seventy has two types, both of which are known as 70-30.

Fabrics containing 30% cotton and 70% polyester
Fabric containing 70% cotton and 30% polyester

Pay attention to this point and take care of the secrets that manufacturers and fabric retailers do not tell you.

Some factories produce this fabric with 20-20 percent, 80 percent cotton and 20 percent polyester. The heat of this type of fabric is in the range of 300 to 480 grams. And in the purchase, according to the order of the organization, the fabric is being prepared. Workwear fabrics can either be pure natural fibers or pure synthetic fibers or a mixture of both.

If you know about the benefits of natural fibers, especially cotton, it’s clear that the higher the cotton percentage is, the better the fabric.

As you know, the higher the percentage of cotton the heat exchange of the body is done with a better environment and thus less transpiration.

Cotton cloth is very effective in throwing sparkle into clothing, and if the spark is thrown into work clothes, due to the presence of cotton from the surface